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Let the Magic of Belotero Go to Work For You

With so many dermal fillers available to rejuvenate your skin and help restore the appearance of youth, how do you know which to pick? Belotero Balance is a new dermal filler that rivals other options with its unique formula and application. In clinical studies, 97 percent of patients showed visible wrinkle improvement after just one Belotero treatment! Given those results, this filler could definitely be the one for you.

Belotero Science

Belotero targets pesky wrinkles and lines etched into your skin from years of smiling, frowning, and brow-furrowing. Just because these changes are natural doesn’t mean you want to live with them and watch them become more pronounced!

Belotero Balance uses hyaluronic acid (HA), an injectable filler that integrates itself into the skin tissue entirely, along with a proprietary process that work together to produce a smooth, flexible gel that fills in stubborn wrinkles by blending into the natural structure of your skin.

Belotero Balance Benefits

beloteroSome similar fillers are intended to rebuild facial volume and contours, but Belotero stands out because it specifically treats the lines and wrinkles etched in and around your mouth and nose. After using Belotero Balance, you will notice that the lines running from your nose to mouth, vertical and corner lip lines, and even chin wrinkles are drastically reduced. Your skin will look smoother and years younger. You can even use this procedure to assist with St. Petersburg acupuncture treatments.

With Belotero, there is no risk of lumps forming under the skin since the HA used is so soft and delicate. It integrates so well into existing skin that it can fix even the finest wrinkles.

These incredible benefits last about six months before your body needs more hyaluronic acid to continue working effectively to reverse the signs of aging. With so many rave reviews and doctor approvals, you won’t regret trying this groundbreaking product!

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