Check Out CoolSculpting’s New FDA-Approvals!

Women around the country are currently rejoicing, because Kansas city CoolSculpting just became an even more valuable treatment thanks to new FDA-approvals! This non-invasive fat reduction alternative uses the simple science of controlled cooling to banish body fat, but it can now be applied to even more areas of the body. Here is what you should know!

CoolSculpting Applications, Old and New
CoolSculpting works to redefine and contour specific parts of the body that have small stores of stubborn fat. Until now, the most popular areas of the body to use CoolSculpting included the thighs, hips, bottom, stomach, love handles, pecs, and double chin. Both men and women around America take advantage of CoolSculpting to achieve a slimmer figure.

CoolSculpting now boasts FDA-approvals for use on bra fat bulge, back fat, and under-butt fat as well. This is the perfect way to avoid liposuction and other kansas city laser fat removal procedures while still achieving the ultimate summer body!

How Does CoolSculpting Work So Effectively?
CoolSculpting manages to deliver incredible results without causing significant pain or discomfort. How? This technology uses carefully controlled cooling to freeze and ultimately kill unwanted fat cells. Some patients only require one or two treatments of CoolSculpting, while others return for four or five to repair and enhance larger body parts until they look lean and fit.

The body spends a few months flushing all of those dead fat cells out as toxins, which provides gradual but dramatic results. Some men and women even see results in as little as three weeks, which is pretty impressive considering the process the body must undergo to detoxify from so many dead fat cells. Better yet, results can continue to improve over a six month period, and as long as you don’t gain significant weight, the results are permanent!

By safely forcing fat cells out of the body, areas like the bra line and back can be shaped and contoured in a way that diet and exercise failed to achieve. It’s no wonder that CoolSculpting is now being dubbed Hollywood’s Little Known Secret. Visit the most popular spa in Kansas City today, Midwest Aesthetics for more information.